Thursday, May 14, 2009

Still-life: Fruits and Vegetables

Did some still-life photography at home recently. Temperature was well above 40 deg C outside and was feeling too lazy to move out of home. Moreover had to finish working with photographs I made during Gaajan/Charak festival; hope to publish them shortly. My attention turned to the vegetables and fruits at home. Their freshness and bright colours bring relief from the blaze of sun outside. The good news is that the atmosphere is now comfortable after heavy rain for two days.

Light coming through the window was used as the main source of illumination along with one or two reflectors to fill-in shadows. The RAW files for these photos were processed with RAW Therapee. It is a nice FOSS tool, based on dcraw, to work with RAW files from digicams. I am a Lightroom 1.1 user and I am happy with this new tool. Obviously Lightroom is more than just a RAW processor, and you can't find those extended features in RAW Therapee. But it does well what it is supposed to do: RAW file processing, and you can also do simple touch-ups on TIFF and JPEG files with it. I shall try to publish a thorough review of the software later.

I built the slide presentation with a new service on the web: Vuvox. I discovered it recently, and it seems gaining popularity among professional photographers. I am yet to explore its different features thoroughly. It supports popular web albums like Flickr and Picasa, and most probably any photo-sharing website that supports RSS feed.

DISCLAIMER: I am not associated in any means with RAW Therapee or Vuvox; just wanted to share about the nice pieces of software I found on the net recently.

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