Friday, May 2, 2008

Flower Market devastated by fire ...Contd.

On the second day after the fire, that is 13th April 2008.

The administrative body of the market has taken a decision the day before to clear up the debris from the site by the following night. Hence by next morning space has been made for the vendors to start operation as much as possible so that loss is minimum.

Vendors started business on the cleared up site. The next day, that is 14th April, was the Bengali New Year and hence a boom in sale was expected.

A boy scavenging in the heap of debris still remaining to be cleared up from the site.

The camp of the labourers in the market who worked on the previous night to clear up the site from debris. Much were yet to be done.

Vendors set up temporary shelters with bamboos, the wooden pillers which are not completely burnt and plastic sheets.

Lots of scrap iron sheets, rods, welded frames , etc. had been produced due to the accident. Scrap metal vendors flocked to the place for their share.

The fire had taken away all colours from the market and turned it into black ashes. On the second day of the accident the market was struggling desperately to regain its usual colour.

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