Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!!

Whistles, screams and crowd; the mood for new year's eve celebration condenses as the clock ticks toward the midnight. Traditionally it is the Park Street/New Market area that pulls most of the crowd in Kolkata. During the British rule it was called "Saaheb paaraa" meaning the neighbourhood of the Britishers and was the epicentre of celebration of the year ending festivals from Christmas. In general psyche the locality is able to maintain its past image even to this age. Although now different sponsored parties, music performances by local bands and other such events are being arranged in different shopping complexes and multiplexes throughout Kolkata, and they also pull huge crowd.

A rock music show was arranged by NIFD students near their campus at New Market to welcome 2009. NIFD is a fashion design school. It was a street-side show and open to all. So the crowd was of mixed nature; from the serious looking elders to the most enthusiastic adolescents, whoever was passing by the place stopped to get a feel of it.

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