Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My first story on Photojournale

"On the Streets" is the name of my first photo-story published on Photojournale. Its a collection of street photographs from my city: Kolkata. I call it "photo-rambling" on the streets of my city. I invite you all my friends to see the photographs there. Now only thirteen photographs are uploaded on the site but I shall add more later. So keep watching the place.

Please let me know how do you enjoy them through your comments there.

Thanks for viewing!!

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  1. Hi, this is Anwin from the indiblogger team. I was wondering if you will be there at the kolkata bloggers meet on Sep 21. It would be great to meet you and other bloggers from Kolkata.

    More details and to sign up visit

    Anwin (Indiblogger)