Monday, April 7, 2008

Flower Market - More photos

Last Saturday I went to flower market again to capture some more colors. The day before at night we had heavy rain here. Naturally the place was filled with mud, small pools of water and rotten flowers scattered here and there. These are the problems of any thriving market place here. So instead I focussed on its beauty, its colorfulness.

I found this vendor in the market showing his beautiful garlands to the buyers.

In the lotus market sticks of lotus bundled together can be found for sale.

Decorative flowers of different colors would be sold to the retailers who will make beautiful flower bouquets to sell them in the local market.


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  2. Very very pleasant to the eye. I like your style. Perhaps not flowers in person but pictures in different tones for sure.

  3. Hi R.E. and webcam, thanks for your nice and encouraging comments!!!