Sunday, April 20, 2008

Flower Market devastated by fire

On Friday night, the one before this last Friday, a devastating fire broke out in the Flower Market near Mullick Ghat. Although the fire could be controlled before dawn broke, but it had already turned the major portion of the market into ashes. Bursting of LPG cylinders was declared to be the cause of the accident. However some people there were sniffing a conspiracy, as there was an order from the authority asking the flower vendors to move to somewhere else which the vendors didn't abide by since it was a booming business season in the Flower Market as Bengali New Year was approaching. The Government is planning to develop the Flower Market as an international bidding centre for flowers and flower products.

I took photographs of the Flower Market in the morning just after the accident and on the days following that, to document life there as the market struggled to resume its normal business as soon as possible and to minimize the loss.

Published photographs:

On the next day - 12th April 2008

On the second day of the fire - 13th April 2008

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