Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So I take a leap

Last Friday was my last day at my current day-job. It was in software engineering and so was high paying. My friends were shocked at my decision. Their concerns were quite logical. These days there are not many job that allow you to live lavishly, and just for a few thousand bucks people toil like anything.

But while my job was allowing me to buy expensive photo-gears, I was not able to buy time to use them. So it turned out either I have to stop thinking about photography or quit this job. I opted for the latter.

So what shall I do next? Try for some work in photography, in whichever area it is. Well this is only a short term solution I think. I look at myself as a photographic content developer, and as such I need to develop an understanding of the market where I shall be playing a role. I need to have a well chalked out career path in that market.

I shall keep sharing with you my friends all my experiences. For the time being I concentrate on finishing off the pending tasks. I just completed working on my photographs I took during Ganga Sagar mela at Maidan, Kolkata. I made a PDF book with them too. My friends have some good words to say about the PDF, but I want to hear it from you.

I present here only the partially completed version of the PDF, as the book is a bit big (6MB only). If you like to get hold of the complete PDF please contact me. Please provide me your full name, email id, profession you are in and a little bit of yourself.

Read this doc on Scribd: Ganga Sagar (draft)

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